Colored pencil drawing of two jail buildings with sinister music symbols; a globe in the bottom left corner shouts through a bullhorn "Stop the Musick" (spelled M U S I C K like the facility name)
Art by Jose Armendariz

Stop the Musick is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to decarceration in Orange County. Our goal is to oppose the reopening and expansion of the empty Musick jail in Irvine, which would add more than 2,000 beds to Orange County’s current jail capacity and cost more than $288 million to construct and over $61 million annually to operate. Our vision is to reduce the jail population, stop the expansion of the carceral state, increase alternatives to incarceration, and build housing-first and care-first models in Orange County. We believe in a community that invests in public safety and community wellness through care, not cages.

Read Stop the Musick’s new report, “Cold, Rotting, & Moldy Meals: Food Oppression in the Orange County Jails”