Photo of an orange banner hung on barbed wire fence in front of the Musick construction site. The banner has an image of white birds flying out of a broken bird cage and reads "Support People; Support Community; Support Wellness; Stop Jail Expansion in OC; #StopTheMusick."

Mission Statement

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to decarceration in Orange County. Our goal is to oppose the reopening and expansion of the empty James A. Musick Facility, which would add more than 3,000 jail beds to OC’s current jail capacity and cost more than $288 million. 

Our vision is to reduce the jail population, stop the expansion of the carceral state, increase alternatives to incarceration, and build housing-first and care-first models in Orange County. We believe in a community that invests in public safety and community wellness through care, not cages.

Vision Statement

The Stop the Musick Coalition steering committee is committed to the values of abolition: ending incarceration for all people, fighting racial and economic injustice, addressing harm through accountability and healing, and building the support systems our community needs to be healthy, safe, and sustainable.

Our coalition includes organizations and individuals united by the common goal of stopping carceral expansion in Orange County and reducing our jail population. There is no requirement that our coalition members be abolitionists. We are a diverse group of entities that care about our community’s health and know that care, rehabilitation, and alternatives to incarceration are more effective, more successful, more sustainable, more cost effective, and more humane than relying on police/social control and incarceration to address our community’s needs.

We strive to center impacted voices and to follow the guidance of impacted leaders.

Stop the Musick Coalition includes: